Communities in Lviv

  1. Business Community Club -   is an international business club started for the purpose of networking, experience exchange and continuous entrepreneurial development of the business people
  2. Edge Lviv - group  is dedicated to cutten edge technologies
  3. GDG Lviv - google dev group. Community organizes offline meetups, events and workshops
  4. JSUG - javascript user group
  5. JUG Lviv - java user group in Lviv. Community organizes regular offline meetups
  6. Lviv .Net User Group -  .Net community in Lviv. Group organizes regular offline meetups
  7. Lviv Consulting Group - recruitment group
  8. Lviv FUG - group of people that develop on platform or SalesForce platform in Lviv
  9. Lviv LUG -  linux user group
  10. Lviv OWASP - The Open Web Application Security Project. Meeting  in odd numbered months
  11. Lviv.Py -  Lviv Python Community
  12. Lviv RUG - ruby user group
  13. Lviv Startup Club 
  14. Lviv Toastmasters -  Lemberg Toastmasters is an English speaking club in Lviv, Ukraine run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. We employ the “Learn by doing” approach: we meet every week to practice communication and leadership skills in a friendly, mutually supportive environment
  15. Objc Fans - iOS fans community
  16. OhMobile -  connect local Mobile developers, UX, designers, business and all who is interested in mobile world. Group organizes regular offline meetups.
  17. QA School - QA school offers learning courses for QA's
  18. Testers - testers community in Lviv. Group organizes regular offline meetups.
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