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С EMBEDDED тренінг центр у GlobalLogic

GlobalLogic invites talented graduates to a С EMBEDDED training center.
After successful completion of the course you will get an opportunity to be employed by the biggest company of Ukrainian IT industry.

To be a successful candidate for the training center the following is required:

1. C/C++ experience (can be non-commercial)
2. Students or recent graduates or ex-sysadmins
3. English (at least pre-intermediate)
4. Smart, getting things quickly
5. Willing to learn and work hard

It will be a great pleasure to see you as a part of our team.

Please, send your resumes to jobs.lviv@globallogic.com or call our contact-center at 0-800-30-6999

Додаткову інформацію про тренінг центри у Львові можна знайти тут

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