четвер, 12 квітня 2012 р.

Stratoconf from Stratoplan - coming soon

On the 19th of April 2012 we are expecting new and outstanding event in IT field – weekly distributed IT conference – Stratoconf from Stratoplan! It will be held in 8 cities in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia connecting IT professionals from these cities with the aim of sharing experience and new ideas.
Our meetings will be about Testing, Development, Projects and People management, Career and Soft Skills and much more. We will start with Testing – “Using Public Clouds for load testing of web systems”.
The very first meeting in Lviv will be hosted by Lohika Systems company – be on the cutting edge of the community and join instantly!
Feel free to read all information here http://www.stratoplan.ru/stratoconf/
 and register! Let yourself a chance to be a part of a big IT community!

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  1. Ого. Львів росте. По дві айті конференції за день відбуваються.
    На цей день щей Майкрософт ДевДейз заплановані.